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Mill Valley Neighborhoods Discovery Project (neighborhoods94941.org) -- a survey that describes the rich and varied neighborhoods that make up Mill Valley and its environs

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What's This Survey About?

The Mill Valley, California, community web site Mill Valley 94941 is planning to add a set of web pages that will describe the rich and varied neighborhoods that make up Mill Valley and its environs - all neighborhoods in zip code 94941. The Mill Valley Neighborhoods Discovery Project was formed to gather the information needed to create these pages. Although we are doing a lot of research on our own, we realize that the best way to gather this information is from the people who live here, or at least spend enough time here to know a good deal about one or more neighborhoods of Mill Valley.

What Can You Do?

If you have knowledge of one or more neighborhoods in zip code 94941, please fill out our survey, once for each neighborhood that you know about. We do not require you to identify yourself. You should know, though, that anyone will be able to view all the responses that were submitted during the survey, including yours. If you'd like to view our privacy notice, visit our Web Site Policies page.

Will This Take Long?

The survey contains 8 questions, and should take only about 10 minutes to complete, unless you have an especially deep well of knowledge to share about the neighborhood. Each question will be on a separate web page. Enter your responses (or click the "Skip this Question" link when provided) and you will then see the next question. If you'd like to just view the 8 questions on a single page without answering them, go to our Preview the Questions page.

You Can See the Responses Entered So Far...

Go to our Browse the Data page. Or you can click on a neighborhood name to the right. Each name has the number of submissions received for that neighborhood.

...And Then You Can Fill Out the Survey!

We appreciate your interest and your contribution to this project. Proceed to the Mill Valley Neighborhoods Survey...

There Is a Printed Version of this Survey

Filling out the survey online will save you postage, should be quicker and easier for you to complete, and will save us the time and expense of transcribing your information into the database. But if you need to fill out a printed survey form, it can be downloaded here for printing using Adobe Acrobat. Complete instructions for submission are found on the form. The download is 162 kilobytes.

We Have a Map Now!
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Map of Mill Valley
Last Map Update: 28 May 2004

82 Survey Submissions
Received So Far For:

Almonte (6)
Alto Sutton Manor (6)
Blithedale Canyon (5)
Boyle Park (3)
Cascade Canyon (5)
Country Club (1)
Downtown (7)
East Blithedale Corridor (1)
Enchanted Knolls (1)
Eucalyptus Knolls (1)
Homestead Valley (10)
Kite Hill (1)
Marin Terrace (1)
Marin View (1)
Marinview (1)
Middle Ridge (1)
Mill Valley Heights (1)
Miller Avenue (2)
Molino Edgewood (4)
Old Mill (2)
Panoramic (1)
Scott Valley (1)
Strawberry (2)
Sycamore Park (4)
Tam Junction (1)
Tam Valley (9)
Tamalpais Park (3)
Tennessee Valley (1)

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