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Privacy: We only collect the opinions submitted on this web site. We do not collect personal information about you. All proper and appropriate survey responses will be available on this web site for recall and review by any user of the Internet. You should understand that the Internet is an open public network. Any submissions you make to this survey will be publicly available.

We hold all other information that we receive from you in strict confidence, and these private communications and related contact information will not be shared with anyone without your expressed written permission or in the absence of a legal order.

The following policies are also in effect at this time:

  • Proper and Appropriate Submissions: We intend that the information found on this site is relevant to the topic of neighborhoods in and around Mill Valley. Your submission(s) should be free of words or language that might be regarded as offensive to some or all who might visit this site. We actively and regularly review survey submissions and we will remove submissions from public access that, in our opinion, do not meet this standard. We reserve the right to remove any submission from public display.

  • Use of Information: Submissions should not contain copyrighted or otherwise restricted information. Submissions, when received, become the property of the Public Domain. Information that we collect from this survey may be used to describe these neighborhoods in other publications.

  • Our Liability: We make no undertakings or commitments or assurances for your use of this web site or your use of the information found on this web site. We make no assurance that the information found on this web site is valid or accurate. This web site has two purposes only: (a) to take information from you if you have knowledge of a neighborhood area in USPS postal code 94941 and (b) to allow you to conveniently organize and review the submissions of other users.

  • Communications with Us: We will endeavor to respond to your requests, questions, and comments within a reasonable time but we will not be responsible for any consequences resulting from our inability or failure to respond to your messages. You should not assume that we have received any communication from you. We cannot be responsible for the consequences of any decision you make based on any information that you find on this web site or on any web sites to which we offer links.

  • Advertising with Us: Advertising space in this domain is simply not available. Submissions that are judged to be commercial promotions may be removed, particularly if they otherwise offer no new insight into neighborhoods in 94941. We do urge folks in trade and commerce and good community works to tell us about their neighborhood engagements (Downtown, Miller Avenue, etc.).

  • Site Access: This site and the information found on this site may be unavailable or inaccessible from time-to-time without notice.


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