Cascade Park
Mill Valley Neighborhoods Discovery Project ( -- a survey that describes the rich and varied neighborhoods that make up Mill Valley and its environs

  Cascade Park

Survey Questions

1. Can you identify the Mill Valley neighborhood in which you live or that you want to describe?

2. By what name is your 94941 neighborhood area known?

3. How would you describe the natural environment in your neighborhood?

4. How would you describe the predominant architectural character of homes and other buildings in your immediate area?

5. How would you rate the quality of schools, roads, parking, traffic, public services, privacy, open space, etc. in your neighborhood?

6. How do the folks in your neighborhood come together to connect, to discuss, to decide, to share, to work, to play, to prepare, and to celebrate?

7. If you can, describe the geographic boundaries of your neighborhood.

8. What additional information about your neighborhood would you like to offer?


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